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Interior Design is not just changing or adding finishes, it is much more.  Melinda’s philosophy of design starts with the client.  Listening, observing, and helping the client with their needs and wants for their project aids in the development of a plan.  Developing this plan requires research, schematic, programming, drafting and much more.  As the architect, LeCorbusier once said “ A plan calls for the most active imagination.  It calls for the most severe discipline also.  The plan is what determines everything, it is the decisive moment”.  LeCorbusier perspective on design is one to be observed and can be the foundation in a designer’s efforts to achieve unity.   Using the elements of design such as space, line, shape, form, texture, ornament, color, and light one can create a space that fits any client’s needs.  The principles of design; balance, rhythm, scale, proportion, visual weight, and emphasis, also guide a designer in developing a plan.  Designers use these principles and elements of design in all commercial and residential applications as a guide to obtain harmony in a space.  From infants to the elderly, design can help people live and work in a healthy, safe attractive, functional and more sustainable environment.

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